What should we do with the voting age?

Inspired by Kenwoodman's question on IQ tests to be eligible to vote i have the age old debate about the voting range. Originally in many countries it is somewhere between 18 and 21. But does that still suit our society? Or should it be changed?

To me it comes across as a debate of influence vs individual rights.

If the individual is still in the education they will be more likely to just copy the view of the teacher, since they are in an environment where they are supposed to believe what the teachers say is correct. Thus giving the teachers (Who in my country are almost all politically left wing) to much power over society since their vote is now multiplied by the amount of people they managed to indoctrinate. To solve this you would need to put the voting age at a point where the individual had some time to explore the world for themselves and really experience what it is like without having someone tell them what to think. So for example you may vote 3 years after you finished your studies, or we increase the voting age to an age most people finished their studies for a while.

That said, there is also a case to be made for the individuals themselves who see the world trough their lense and notice that the current votes are not properly representing them. They would wish they had a say in the matter so they can help pick the destination of the country without having to be powerless for more years. These tend to be politically active students who are very involved with political themes they want to see changed. These teens typically express a desire for the voting age to be lowered so they can have a say to.

So what do you think? Should we raise the voting age to prevent giving to much power to teachers? Keep it as it is? Or should we lower the voting age so teens can have a voice to?

If you have a different argument to the voting age to either increase or lower it share it in your opinion, i might add them in a future update to the question.
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Since i forgot a "Other option" and some people seem to be in favor of things like a dynamic voting age where its not based on age but other criteria try to imagine what kind of effect your proposed changes would bring and vote based on that. So for people saying landownership the end result would likely be an increased voting age.
What should we do with the voting age?
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