Should kids be taught to spot propaganda?

In this day and age, we are hyper-stimulated with more information than we can handle. With the luxury of having answers to most questions to every question you'll have, this also comes with an inevitable opportunity for someone to use it with nefarious intent. It can be hard to shift through all the information just to get a clear picture on a subject. Some people just ignore particular topics solely for the fact that there is so much confusion around it. As the headlines grow bigger, so does our confusion and in doing so we have decided to let certain government agencies and large media companies decide what is real and what is misinformation (aka fake news).

What a relief... wait. What if they're lying? How can we even tell? Someone has to be making sure they're being honest right? The sudden realization of the power we gave away can hit you like a force of nature. The power to disseminate a single piece of information to billions of people in just seconds. I'm now questioning all of the large disseminators of information. Why does Jeff Bezos (who owns Amazon) own The Washington Post? He cares about informing people that much? Or is it just the revenue that it can create? Or... I don't know.

I wasn't ever taught how to think critically between a well layered, neatly packaged lie and a hard to swallow truth. My goal isn't to dismiss something i disagree with, but to detach from what i think is true and look at new information with an honest and open mind.

How many forms can propaganda come in? Who disseminated this information? What could this person/organization gain from telling me this? What is their history? Who do they talk to and associated themselves with? I think our kids should know how to think critically too. It's up to you how you think they are taught, though a necessity in this generation and many to come. Do you agree?
Should kids be taught to spot propaganda?
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Should kids be taught to spot propaganda?
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