Does everyone remember the one time the Democrats tried to impeach Obama?

For what you ask? I will happily tell you why. Barack Obama weaponized the IRS to target conservatives because they were conservatives? He promised Vladimir Putin and Russia that he would have more leverage with them after his reelection? He lied to the American people and to Congress about the Iran Nuclear Deal and shipped billions of dollars in cash to Iran. He also snooped on journalists and hacked the laptop of journalist Sharyl Attkinson over her reporting on the fast and furious gun running scandal that left 1 border patrol agent and over a hundred Mexicans dead. Not only that he pushed the Ukraine to investigate the campaign manager of his political opponent which resulted in his termination as campaign manager. Not to mention U. S. Military vets died on secret wait lists at corrupt VA Health Centers presided by his administration. Last but not least, he had high ranking officials from his administration meddle in the 2016 presidential election to quote "damage the electoral chances" of the candidate they didn't like from taking office by using a foreign intel officer and a dossier of opposition research sourced from the Russian government to try to damage the candidate, spied on his campaign in an effort to prevent him from taking office.

Does anyone remember that?…. neither do I. God Bless America.
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Most of this was interpreted from Liz Wheeler's Final Point segment. I see a lot of people saying that the POTUS should be impeached but not really giving any actual facts so I just wanted point out the left's hypocrisy.
Does everyone remember the one time the Democrats tried to impeach Obama?
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