What’s your thoughts on the Carson king situation?

Carson king is a fan of the Iowa State football team, on the 14th he jokingly held a sigh to the cameras saying my bush Bush supply needs replenishing with his Venmo accounts on the sigh. With in 30 minutes he had raised over $400 and by the end of the game he raised well over $1000.

He’s managed by this time to raise over 1 million dollars which (save for the cost case of bush beer) is going to donate it to the Iowa state children’s hospital. The company bush and Venmo agreed to match his donation to the charity.

Now he’s being called out as a racist for a tweet he made 8 years ago when he was 16 quoting Tosh. O Now bush has decided to back out of the contract but they will be doing $350,000 to the charity but not matching his donations like they said they would.

My thoughts:

this is completely stupid we shouldn’t attack people for comment they said when they were 16 if we went into all of our pasts I’m sure someone could find something we said that wasn’t PC and then no one would be hire or sponsor or helped in anyway. I think we need to cancel cancel culture (yes I see the irony) In this case they only thing cancel culture has done is prevent children from getting the help they need 3 million would be a lot more helpful then 2.35 million. Thanks regressive left.

but now that I blamed that left what are your thoughts?
(sorry if your left kinda 🤔 stop cancel culture 🧐)
What’s your thoughts on the Carson king situation?
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