Of course... but maybe?

Based on an idea of stand-up comic Louis C. K. (I know, he's controversial, tainted, disgraced, has really messed up, and I was very disappointed and angry at him and turned my back to him for quite some time... but I still can't forget about many of his hilarious observations about the world. He's made me laugh so much. And people deserve a second chance.
I really do think comedy is important. The older I get, the more I feel that. We need to have perspective, and social commentary, and be able to laugh at ourselves and the dumb things we do and think. Without objectivity, who are we? We'll stagnate.

Here's some examples of this idea... 'Of course, but maybe.'Louis: "How do we have this amazing micro technology? (the cell phone). Because in the factory where they make them they're jumping off the roof because it's a effing nightmare in there! You really have a choice. You can have candles and horses and be a little kinder to each other, or you can let someone suffer immeasurably far away just so you can leave a mean comment on youtube while you're taking a s***."

Can you think of anything funny or true?
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Here's one I just thought of...

Of course being angry is not a good thing, it's draining and not typically productive. But maybe, there are certain situations where it is justified. It creates action. And maybe it is better to have the anger focused on a particular person you've had issue with, instead of feeling like its the population as a whole. Because you can get over anger at one person. But anger at society, and feeling like it must be happening all around you, is worse. And depressing.
Of course... but maybe?
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