Am I wrong to be mad about this?

So today I went to church and was asked questions during the moment of christening experience. my pastor said that if he would guess my birth year, he would have said in the 2000's. I had to correct him and wasn't upset. I wasn't offended by this because I'm new here especially anyhow. I posted the funny experience on Facebook along with letting people know that I recently joined church and this girl commented on my post speaking silly. She asked what year I was born in and I responded 93. She then responded "you're young and still growing up". I told her I know that much, but I'm not that young! This girl not even 31 years old yet telling me this. I'm tired of these kinds of people throwing your age up in your face as an insult. Your age don't make you better than the next.
Am I wrong to be mad about this?
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