Which pill do you lean toward most?

Blue Pill = Orange Man Bad, because CNN says so. But government is otherwise always looking out for what's best for us. Howard Zinn is the final authority on history. We are NPCs.

Red Pill = Greta's a fraud. Government is full of shysters. The party system is kabuki theater. If you think you know something, check and verify. You may learn that you've been fed a pack of lies your entire life. Follow the money.

White Pill = Yes, things suck, just as the Red Pill guy said. But I'm certain that this one other thing here I've discovered may be the antidote. At the very least, it will solve *some* of the problem. Why no one else sees how easy this would be is beyond me.

Black Pill = The Red guy is right. Things suck. But I don't see a way out of it, other than waiting for the end. #Doomer.

Honk Pill = "Everything is upside down everything is backwards. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religious bodies now destroy spirituality, and governments destroy freedom. Save who you can, but find transcendent amusement in watching the fools who are beyond saving, as they destroy themselves. Honk honk!"

(Note: Has nothing to do with nationalism per se of any kind, let alone race-based anything.)

Tide Pods = "What do I care? Drag queens are Yoda, man! The planet will go cosmic popcorn from manmade climate change in 10 years if we don't make Hillary queen of the universe! Russia happened! I don't care that the Mueller report said it didn't! Tide! Reeeee!!! Russia Russia Russia! Orange Man Bad! Reeeeeee!!!"
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Which pill do you lean toward most?
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