So, what's the weather like in trump land?

I decided to watch fox news for a few minutes, and it was astonishing. For those who are curious, here is what they are saying about the impeachment proceedings:
1) Liberals are mad that trump was sort-of elected in 2016 (they're not wrong)
2) Something about a coup and/or treason (they are wrong)
3) Civil war may be coming if he's impeached (unlikely, unless trump has a private army willing to go toe to toe with the u. s. military and police for racism, which I wouldn't actually put passed him, or put passed trump supporters..)

What Fox news isn't saying is "what was in the transcript." Are there really no fox news viewers who find that odd? Or do they just not know that the white house did, in fact, give the transcript over to congress? Or perhaps no one has explained to them that asking for any foreign help in winning a domestic election is an impeachable offense? I mean, obviously no one explained to them that asking for a civil war is an impeachable offense. Or perhaps they've just been convinced that "the law is dumb" or whatever?

What is it that allows them to ignore a violation of the law, despite how they've been told it was brought to everyone's attention (assuming it was, in fact, brought to their attention)?
So, what's the weather like in trump land?
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