I support Trump's Asia policy, but I didn't vote for him, what does this make me?

In general, I don't support Trump. I see him as a an incompetent oaf who is too much of a clown. However, I see some remarkable things about him that has earned my respect.

For one, the media blows it out of proportion and says Trump's a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, the worst president ever, etc. I disagree, since I have seen worse. The worst president of my lifetime was George W. Bush, whose reckless actions and war bankrupted the economy and added $6 trllion to the deficit. I have never seen someone spend this much out of control. Trump may come off as a clown show to me, but I would rather have him run his mouth all day and do nothing than do something so bad that it hurts the economy.

Finally, I support Trump's Asia policy. As a second-generation Korean American, it was nice for once to see someone stand up to Shinzo Abe and the Japanese threat. Barack Obama, whom I ironically voted for, drew my ire when I saw him show respect to Abe, without realizing that he's a snake and cannot be trusted. Trump, on the other hand, refused to bow down to him and shook off Abe's warnings of North Korean missiles and told him that he did not care. Trump's now one of the best chances the two Koreas have of reuniting. Abe knows that and is trying to threaten our president. I, for one, applaud Trump for standing against Japan and the antagonism they pose to my ancestral land.

Also, Trump fired John Bolton, who is a war hawk who is in the pockets of the Japanese. I knew from day one he couldn't be trusted, so Trump must've figured it out when he dismissed him from duty. It's ironic. I think Barack Obama was good for America, but bad for South Korea. In Trump's case, I'd say it's the opposite.

What do you think, regardless of your political affiliation?
I support Trump's Asia policy, but I didn't vote for him, what does this make me?
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