Is it racist to feel proud of your "White" cultural heritage?

Is it racist to feel proud of having a Slavic/Nordic/French/Italian/Scottish/English/Irish/Polish/Greek cultural heritage? You know, all of those cultures are "White cultures" according to Liberals.

This is an honest question for LIBERALS in particular, given how they grouped us all without knowing our stories and differences... In their eyes, we are all "White" and expected to bow down to the false gods of egalitarianism and individualism. If not racial guilt...

Many of us, Native-Europeans, are still proud of our cultural heritage.

Question is... Is this racist?

If you think it is, do you apply the same standards for other groups? I mean, is it racist to feel proud of being a Jew, a Black-American, a Latino, an Indian, a Japanese?

Is it racist to feel proud of your
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Goofrus guy

Why are you so upset, diva? Do you feel offended when someone exposes you as the total ignorant that you are?

You don't even know what the word "ethos" means, yet you want to talk about philosophy and be taken seriously. Yes, be taken seriously for having the intellectual aptitude of a 5th grader who reads Buzzfeed and congratulate themself as a "serious thinker" for being able to parrot some half-remembered Liberal clichés.

You are an intellectual pygmy.
Is it racist to feel proud of your "White" cultural heritage?
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