Do white women age horribly because of their genetics and lifestyle?

I'm a black woman amd I usually get attacked by white women I assume are jealous of me.

First, white women don't age well compared to other races. I notice white wear lots of makeup and dye their hair. Their hair looks rough and they look ugly without makeup usually. Tanning makes them age faster. I find it funny that I'm black and avoid the sun, but pale white women go out in the sun to tan. How do I have more melanin than you and avoid the sun, but you have far less melanin then me and get tans? Makes no sense.

Secondly, they're more likely to smoke, drink, and do drugs than other races of women. I don't think women from conservative or traditional cultures do that. But I noticed white people become alcoholics at young ages and drink alcohol like it's water. They openly admit to doing drugs. They also look horrible.

Thirdly, white women tend to be more obese than other cultures. As long as other races of women take care of their bodies, they're usually tight, petite, and curvy. With white women in America there's usually no inbetween. They're either anorexic looking or obese. From my experience, white people tend to skinny shame other races even though they're obese.

Fourth of all, I noticed white women are very annoying. Especially if they're in positions of power. They scream feminism and equality, but white women are far mkre brutual as bosses. They'll lie on people (especially other women). They think being a bitch is the same thing as successfully running a company and no one usually likes them...

Furthermore, I notice white women are usually terrible at relationships. They're entitled, like to hoe around, and then accuse men of rape when they feel guilty about sleeping around.

Lastly, I don't blame men for going MGTOW or becoming incels in America. Most women are masculine and destructive. There's nothing wrong with a woman being self sufficient. However, I think there's a difference between being a self sufficient woman and being bitchy.
Do white women age horribly because of their genetics and lifestyle?
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