Why do feminists like to put a female spin on men's issues?

Every time I mention one of the issues men face in modern society to a feminist, if they ever advocate for it they seemingly have to put some twist on it so that offering support benefits women. For example, if I mention in America, men having to sign up for selective service, but not women. The response I get from feminists never address the fact there are heavy penalties men face for not signing up, or that it's arguably a violation of men's 14th amendment rights or even that it simply just a blatant inequality, but for the ones that do acknowledge that it's an issue (and believe me, not all do) they'll twist it and say something like "oh well it's to show that women are equally as capable, women have fought to be on all fronts and should be required to sign up for drafted too". If I mention gender stereotypes men face with having to be seen as tough, they twist it to "showing men how to be more feminine will make them less likely to abuse women". It kinda shows that you aren't about equality, if you only support something because you just so happen to get something out of it. Essentially just a virtue signaling when you don't want to actually support someone
Why do feminists like to put a female spin on men's issues?
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