Should equal rights = equal resources?

So I'm just going to put this out there to see what people think and see if anyone else has noticed the same thing. I'm white, 29 years old, and male. I'm currently going through a hard time. I'm trying to go back to school with no money, I can't find enough paid work to take care of bills, I'm homeless, and I need resources. Lately I've noticed that there are more resources for minorities than there are normal resources. When ever I try asking for assistance with employment, or housing I either get turned away because I'm not in a minority and there for don't qualify, or if I do end up getting help I notice that other people who asked for help around the same time who are in a minority get results a lot more quickly. I can't help but feel like if there was a place that gave resources to white men and no one else, or helped white men more quickly that other groups that we would be getting hell for it, and rightfully so. Yet they are doing the same thing to the opposite extent. I honestly feel like I a being persecuted because I am a white male. It seriously feels like I am a victim of reverse racism. Your thoughts on this? Has anyone else noticed the same thing?
Should equal rights = equal resources?
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