Are people opening their eyes finally?

Trump attacks Fox News over poll showing majority favors impeachment: ‘Doesn’t deliver for US anymore’
President Donald Trump blasted the conservative cable network Fox News on Thursday after it reported that its new poll on impeachment found a majority of respondents favoring his removal from office.

“Whoever their Pollster is, they suck,” Trump lashed out on Twitter, a day after the Fox poll showed that a new high of 51 percent of voters want Trump both impeached and removed from office and 40 percent opposed impeachment.

A Fox poll in July found that 42% favored Trump’s impeachment and removal, while 45% opposed impeachment.

Fox News’s latest poll shows a stronger level of support for Trump’s removal than two other recent polls, each of which found support for impeachment at below 50% of respondents.WOMP WOMP.. who is gonna defend you now?
Are people opening their eyes finally?
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