Why does feminism harm women?

Question: why is it that feminists today have not spoken up or have been vehemently against the patriarchal society of the Middle East? If feminists were for equality, then that concept should be stretched worldwide. However, these real world sexist issues don't seem to matter to feminists.

What does matter is for them to bear their naked bodies without riddicule. Not once have I heard feminists speak up about the acid attacks on women in Europe, the slave trade in Yemen, the brutal abuse of women in the Middle East, the forced female circumcisions in Africa, or even the sexual slavery in our own country.

I digress. Let's focus on a different issue all together. The history of feminism. Feminism takes its roots from Karl Marx and other communists ideologies. In fact one of the founders of feminism was a believer in Eugenics, Nazi philosophy, and communism. Her intention was to break up the family unit.

The notion that Neo-feminist extremists today are somehow proponents of equality, is absurd. When put under examination, we can clearly see that feminists have no desire for equal anything, but the full dominion of females (only exclusive to their ideologies). Yes even the women that don't think like them are lesser than they. These views are sexist and racist. So how is it that such individuals be given any respect.

Feminism is destructive. It has ostracized good men, and tore an even bigger divide between the two sexes. Indeed its philosophy has accomplished exactly what it was designed for: the destruction of men and women.
Why does feminism harm women?
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