Has Mens Health gotten liberal?

I subscribed to mens health again about two years ago. I used to read it all the time in my 20s and I decided to get back at it.

Overall I enjoy the articles and columns. It’s given me good ideas, advice and motivation. But I’ve been noticing that they are mentioning feminism and being “woke” more and more.

10 to 15 years ago I would never see this crap. There was advice about avoiding the ire’s of feminism in the work place or at college (that is making sure you do things safely/consensually when it came to sex). But never anything embracing one sided ideals.

About a year and half ago they had an entire article embracing the metoo movement. It was completely one sided with no mention of how innocent men were sometimes victims of false/exaggerated allegations. They even said at the end that “the staff and editors at Men’s Health embrace this”.

Then last night I saw an article about what books to read to be more “woke”.

Personally I don’t mind if they explore these issues objectively. But I’m seeing clear liberal bias now. My guess is most of the editors are millennial journalists who tend to be liberal.

Given that most guys tend to be conservative, why the hell are they doing this?
Has Mens Health gotten liberal?
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