Can a woman be traditionally feminine AND a feminist?

Can a woman be traditionally feminine AND a feminist?
A lot of people think that feminist and feminine are mutually exclusive and they are opposites of one another. And there are other who believe it's a matter of choice, a woman who chooses to live traditional lifestyle for herself and her family could still advocate giving women choice to do what they like. And a lot of feminists also believe that feminism not only means giving women opportunity to work but also to give women the option to not work and be a stay at home wife or mother if that's what she wants. And then there are feminists who think the concept of housewife is problematic in the first place which is why no woman should be choosing it.

One classic example of a traditionally feminine woman who was a feminist is Asha Purna Devi, a prominent Bengali feminist writer, she has written amazing novels that truly shows the evolution of society and women's status in the past centuries and her books are masterpieces. Her books are almost a century old yet her message is so relevant even in 2019, she was truly an intelligent and wise woman. In her personal life she was a homemaker who loved cooking and feeding people. I'd recommend every feminist (or anyone who is open to some feminist books) to try to find some of her books in English translation.
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Can a woman be traditionally feminine AND a feminist?
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