Climate change protesters stood on train roofs. Your thoughts?

I can't believe this sort of third class behaviour is taking place in a world class country, in a city that is supposed to be world's fifth best city. If they were in America, those idiots would have been shot dead. Britain's law is too lenient that's why the number of idiots are growing. And those protesters also do it for the money, to get donations, they have too much time on their hands and probably live on benefits whereas a taxpayer can't have that much time to protest all night and in the morning. I personally believe those idiots deserves to be punched and kicked, it is their fault.
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I need to do a survey on supermarkets. Can people from England please help me? It is a university project. I will ask questions on supermarkets for like 5 minutes. Whoever will help me first, I will select his opinion.
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Survey questions on supermarkets (only for those who live in ENGLAND)
1. Do you go to supermarkets?
2. What supermarkets do you go to?
3. Do you do online shopping or in store shopping?
4. Which supermarket do you prefer the most?
5. Why do you prefer that supermarket?
6. How long does it take to get to the supermarket?
7. How often do you visit the supermarket?
8. Did you ever visit any other supermarket?
9. Finally, what do you buy?
Climate change protesters stood on train roofs. Your thoughts?
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