Why should I even vote?

Why should I even vote? I talked to a friend about this, who thought I was crazy, He said, "Are you crazy? You don't vote you lose your rights." But I feel like I have already lost them since I was 9, I've discovered with time going by so fast, everything is passing me by within the blink of an eye, I can't get a job, and my "Verbal-Verification Proof of High school graduation, is preventing me from returning to school online in order to get my degree and I can't get a job without experience, where are my rights at? and what contribution would I have to society and voting, I feel at peace with not voting, with me, politics and voting just ruins everything, there is going back once, you punch 687 for this and that person at State Legislator or Congressman and Congresswoman, even Judge, Governor, Mayor and President, it's not like they will ever change anything, the world is too diverse for change, everyone is different and because everyone is different with different sights, sounds, smells and tastes, there is always one majority that loses, that is how it is for me with voting, they don't care about most adults with disabilities who are in their 30's collecting social security checks and don't even get a chance to use them, because their hold no value. What do you think? Is my patriotic duty to this Country is gone?
Why should I even vote?
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