What is the right’s (or any detractors’) problem with the concept of climate change?

I’m not coming from a political angle to stir the pot here, I’m apolitical, this is a neutral question. Full disclosure, I haven’t really studied the whole debate on climate change, doesn’t really pique my interest enough. Most issues don’t, I’m just amused by responses.

So what I don’t understand: the people (mostly conservatives, from what I see), who denounce claims of climate change: why does the whole issue upset you? As a general rule, I side with science, so if science says it’s happening, I’d tend to believe it, to some degree anyway, and I think the planet on its own is probably changing without human interference anyway, just logically speaking. But people seem to get very fired up over this issue.

My life philosophy is a little unconventional, and as it relates to nature, it’s natural order over human interests 100 times out of 100, I don’t believe humans have license to circumvent nature, despite having some abilities to do so, that’s out of bounds to me. Nature dictates humanity, not the other way around, and I can’t even begin to argue something that seems so correct. And as it relates to humanity, it’s decency for all people over “what’s best for business.” That also seems fairly inarguable to me. Like if your “business”, actual or metaphorical, can’t survive without being decent, then your business sucks, board up the windows and go back to the drawing board, and don’t open back up until you figure out a way to make it work, that’s your responsibility.

So what is the motivation behind everybody’s disdain for climate change claims? What are your fears? Are you afraid it will put limitations on businesses? Are you afraid you’ll be told you can’t do things you want to do? Do you actually believe humans are superior to other organisms we’re naturally intended to share the environment with? Or is it just because it’s a cause of the left, so you automatically hate it? I just don’t understand tbh.
What is the right’s (or any detractors’) problem with the concept of climate change?
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