Would it be better to not teach kids about slavery?

Would we be better off just not talking about it. I mean there are no slave owners alive today so it just makes white kids feel bad about something that most of there ancestors didn't do. Also it makes black kids feel bad, different, and divided from white people. Most white Americans and there family's didn't own slaves and more fought for there equality and freedom. Even then its like condeming someone for the sins of there family members. If someones Grandpa was a pedophile or rapist you don't point it out and discuss it making that person feel bad. We often hide the identity of the children of criminals to avoid this so why not stop talking about slavery or speak about all slavery through history instead of just whites enslaving blacks. We used to let little kids work in coal mines but we don't really teach that part of history. I think we are a society way evolved past slavery and don't see it as useful to teach kids about. Sorry if this offended anyone that was not my intention.
Would it be better to not teach kids about slavery?
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