Who thinks Mark Zuckerberg has to give up his power?

Currently Zuckerberg has bought Instagram and WhatsApp, among many other social media companies around the world. And in the past year Facebook suffered an attack that exposed the personal information of over 50 million users. Facebook has about 2.4 billion users around the world, which about 169 million users are located in the US. Should Facebook be broken apart for means of security and privacy of everyone?

Zuckerberg is currently planning on launching a cryptocurrency (fiat) system in 2020. How will this affect the economy?
Break Zuckerberg’s Monopoly
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Government should implement more limitations on Zuckerberg’s company
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Zuckerberg has every right to do whatever he wants with his company
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People should just be more careful with the information that they share on social media
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Social Media is bad.
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7 mo
Even users that are not part of social media have information display in the internet because someone else shared a picture or a comment. It’s very difficult to not become involve in social media when the majority of people are part of it. I don’t really have anything against Zuckerberg but I am very concerned about the impact he is having in the society.
7 mo
We are moving towards a generation that stores everything in the “cloud”. A future where things can become massive in a matter of seconds of which he has control, he was asked several questions by a congresswomen today about how political ads are managed by Facebook and he want able to properly asked them. How can we give control of so much information to someone that doesn’t know how to manage or keep it safe?
Who thinks Mark Zuckerberg has to give up his power?
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