If you were to Off yourself (Which you shouldn't) how would you do it?

I feel like this might get taken down but I just want to sate before I continue that I am not suicidal and suicide is never the answer and if you are feeling this way please contact (1-800-273-8255) or any other help line

This isn't meant to be a joke question, I am genuinely curious as to what people think. Right now the most common way to commit suicide is with a firearm, the second is suffocation (Hanging, Drowning), and the third is poison (this includes drugs and actual chemical poisons). Initially The firearm sounds like the best option because you go through no pain if you succeed, however it makes a terrible mess and someone always has to find you which is never pleasant. Hanging doesn't cause as much of a mess but it takes longer to pass which no one wants. Poison seems pretty broad but lets say it's an overdose of drugs, you end up becoming so relaxed you die or you get so hyped you die, either way you seem to pass more peacefully.

Apparently Somewhere between 70 to 90% of all suicides end in survival, I don't know about you but that definitely shocked me. Only about 2.4% (give or take) of people commit suicide by jumping, I feel like this is what I would want to do. I would want to fall into water, even though when you fall from a high enough place the water acts as concert. I would hopefully die instantly but before I did I would be able to see the water and feel the wind on my face, it just sounds peaceful. My family would probably not be the ones to find me, which I find to be important, I would die quickly and there's not that much mess, if I stayed in the water the fish could eat me.

What do you feel would be the most important thing if you'd go? Would it be the worry of mess? Who will find you? How much pain will you be in?

Once again please don't commit suicide, this is meant to be more of a "what if" scenario to see how people respond. If you are feeling suicidal please get help immediately.
If you were to Off yourself (Which you shouldn't) how would you do it?
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