Liberal to Leftist People - Would You Date a Conservative?

1. What do you identify as? Liberal, progressive, leftist, etc. ?

2. Would you date a conservative? Why or why not?

Let's Discuss!


This has been challenging for me (I mean, not really), as I may come across moderates or conservatives that I find crazy attractive and we have crazy chemistry, but I would never date them. If we're not in each other's orbit (usually not), then it's no big deal. But the times I'm used to seeing and interacting with someone often, who is incompatible on politics, it fucks with my head lol I had this happen recently and every part of me wanted to jump on him like a spider monkey.

Anyway, the usual script happened. Tension, toxic interaction, flirting, tension, inappropriate comments, and him telling me I'm judgmental. That's the part I find so interesting about moderates/conservatives. They're quick to assert that you shouldn't judge them on their politics, which is absurd to me. Politics are often a direct reflection of who you value and how you think people should be treated, who has access to resources, etc. If you think tax breaks for large corporations are more important than poor people having access to resources, you can't seriously expect anyone left of liberal to not judge you. It's one of the few things in this world you *should* be judged on. And I don't do basic, shallow relationships. Your character and sense of morality matter a lot to me. We all should care more about our partner's politics in my opinion. Too many people date without really knowing who their partner is and then get mad at elected time. *shrug*

Thoughts? Where do you stand?
Liberal to Leftist People - Would You Date a Conservative?
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