Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?

Before you get triggered hear me out. The other week, I was at college, in Business class, and we were sent to work on a project in groups on the computers outside of the classroom.

Whilst we were working on our project this girl who is not in our class, but friends with one of the girls in our group came to sit with us anyway, and the girl in my group introduced us to her and introduced her to us and we were all talking.

We were talking about ethnicities and I was telling them how people always get my ethnicity wrong (and they actually guessed it right xD) and then I asked the new girl what her ethnicity was. She said she was mixed. Her mum is Pakistani and her dad is Indian.

She asked me:
"Is it good to be mixed race?"

Now that question took me back a little. I never had anyone ask me that question before and the thing is- she's older than me by a year as well. And she asked me like she was confused. It felt like she was looking for a little approval but didn't know whether being mixed was good or bad.

And I said to her:
"To me it doesn't really matter, people are people."

I guess I was just so shocked by the question- I didn't fully answer it.

If she was to ask me that question again, I'd say what I wrote above and:
"Being any race is 'good' and that includes being mixed race. So yes, like any race being mixed race is a good thing."

So I'm asking this question, because I'm curious to see the response I get from G@G.
Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?
Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?
Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?
Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?
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Is It Good To Be Mixed Race?
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