Am I right to be offended by miscarried women?

Please read before you comment or I’ll just report you and you won’t gain your points.

I understand having a miscarriage is painful physically and emotionally. I understand that pain even more so the later you miscarried. For both men and women.

However, I get increasingly annoyed by two women I worked with. I want to say their side before mine so hold your hatred.

1 woman miscarried after around 4 months after losing weight because she was too heavy/fat to have a baby safely. She prepared herself and when pregnancy came was overjoyed with her husband. I get this. What I don’t get is every month since they feel a need to anniversary the death through Instagram hashtags and Facebook photos with an empty dinner place setting.

The other woman was pregnant for longer (I can’t remember the precise month but it was almost 6 I think) however this mother was told her daughter would be disabled because she ignored their chromosomes tests and was unlikely to go term. She died and they’ve said a charity they now only roll out when they can be bothered. The mother and father went on to have another baby and every so once in a while (when the news stories are high usually) they hold an event.

i have more sympathy with mum 1. But both I can’t help but feel annoyed. My brother died before I was born and nobody has a charity for his special problems. I have 2 auto immune diseases which means a child is unlikely for me but I don’t see anyone raising money or crying for me.

im not saying “where’s my sympathy” I’m asking “why do these two have so much”?
Am I right to be offended by miscarried women?
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