Do You Believe Misleading Content Should Be Banned From Social Media?

Misleading in the sense that, that lies are reported instead of the truth leading people to believe misinformation or in the sense what is posted is true, but it twists the truth.

For example I saw a post about a "Pakistani" secruity guard raping four "white" girls for shoplifting. Now I looked into that myself, and it is true:

A Primark secruity guard in a London Primark store did rape 4 teenage girls. He blackmailed them into the sexual acts and abused his position as a secruity guard.

However, no credible news sources say the abuser is Pakistani nor do they say the girls who were abused were white.

And the abuser will be sentenced on the 19th November 2019.

But that post didn't provide a news source nor did it mention his sentencing. And it gave out information which might not even be true- the girls could have any ethnicity and the abuser looks like a brown guy- but that doesn't make him Pakistani. He may have been Pakistani but we cannot say for certain because we don't know.

My point is there are many posts which are misleading and surfacing the internet and leading people to believe certain things which aren't true. Especially on social media. And misleading posts can spark fear in people and groom them into hating.

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Do You Believe Misleading Content Should Be Banned From Social Media?
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