Which culture would you rather live around?

If you had the choice, what culture would you rather be in... primarily.
you can describe it however you realte to it... by color, race, non race, character/values.

here's mine:
People respect others property
They have can talk, get along without arguing.
They have a rooting in Christian values of love, respect, integrity
A work ethic.
Marriages - people stay together and build families. there was no/little cheating, divorces, etc.. Oddly, a lot of the offspring of this bunch ended up divorced... something went wrong in the generation...
Challenge each other mentally and physically (did not have this so much, not intellecutally...)

That is where I grew up. It was primarily "white"... although noone thought of themselves that way. They were different immigrants... irish, german, italian, polish. All came from poor places to work hard to have a better life.

I saw successful black people as well with good work ethic, but many were from the "hood"... and that I did not care for. I saw "downtrodden" white people... aka "dirt balls"... didn't want anything to do with that... and one Korean fella. That was the culture I grew up in.

Little did I know there was a whole world of people and cultures I'd never seen. But I like the character of most of the people I grew up with.
Which culture would you rather live around?
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