How do liberals feel about the impeachment hearings?

No actual witnesses, only a bunch of hypocritical college professors mostly attempting to use their opinions and feelings to blame Trump for literally anything, I'm not making this up, and I don't even care who wins, I just find this funny

I know republicans are laughing at this, so I wonder how liberals feel about it? Do they misrepresent the liberal party? Do they make it look bad or stupid? Because I feel like it's a huge misrepresentation and it's hurting them more than it's "hurting" the current president.

I'm not even American but I'm excited to see 10 more impeachments like this because they're funny like a comedy/tragedy reality show of some kind.

Don't throw hate on me, I don't have an opinion on this whole political thing, I just see funny things (and people) and laugh at them xD
How do liberals feel about the impeachment hearings?
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I feel like this question was heavily misunderstood 🤔

If I say someone makes themselves look dumb and it's funny to me, it doesn't mean that I'm against that person's entire political party, I'm a simple man and I don't go into that us vs them stuff.
Like I said, I felt like it's a misrepresentation as I'm not even sure what the liberal party is actually like as these representatives seem like they have no idea what they're talking about.
How do liberals feel about the impeachment hearings?
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