Why we are Better Off with a Woman President?

I have come up with a simple phrase that contains my point, “as Man is likened to God, Woman is likened to Mankind.”

Here is my Opinion and following Question.

The Scriptures, whether you agree or not, give the impression that Man is like God or at least made in the image of God. The Woman is not described this way. She is taken from Man, yet is not Man. This is what we are taught and on it’s face seems to encourage Sexism.

Yet, I think that this passage makes a very different point all together. Yes, Men tend to model their Rule after God. Yet, what is not so obvious is that such a model is unattainable and often leads to Evil. When Man acts like God it almost always leads to Evil. Man is not God and therefore can’t act like him without ultimately failing.

Women on the other hand, don’t seem to have this problem. They know they are not God. If anything, they may think they are just like Man. Yet, being like Man is not as bad as thinking you are like God. I would say that being like Man makes them more like Mankind or “Kind of Man, but Better.” They better represent the whole of humanity than Men do, because they are not convinced they are actually God when they are not.

We have a God, we don’t need someone who thinks they are God in Office. Well, I guess we have that too. We need a Woman who represents Mankind. We are a lot less likely to be controlled by Evil this way.

Do you agree that we need a Woman President? You may have different reasons to believe this. Please enter your Opinion below. Or, you maybe no, Men all the way. Well, why?
Why we are Better Off with a Woman President?
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