What do you think of the claim that Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims over the past three years?

Today is the 3 year mark for the current US presidential term, with one year to go before the winner of the November election begins the next term. I just read an article on The Hill stating that the Washington Post fact checkers have found 16,241 times in the past three years that Donald Trump made misleading statements or outright lied and that the number of these occurrences has been increasing over time with on average more than 22 of them per day in 2019.


What's your opinion about this?
Fake news! You can't trust the Washington Post or The Hill. If you want real news, go to Breitbart or InfoWars or Trump's Twitter feed. Trump never lies!
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No big deal. He's a politican. Politicians lie. Nothing to see here.
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He lies more than most politicians, but I still think he's great.
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Even by politician standards, he's incredibly dishonest and I hope he loses in November.
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He's one of the most dishonest people to ever occupy the White House. The Senate should remove him from office now!
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9 mo
Someone asked what the equivalent numbers were for others, which is a really good question for comparison. The Washington Post did fact check Obama and found false statements, but I couldn't find a total count like what was listed for Trump.

They did do fact checking on others, but after a few minutes of searching I couldn't find numbers for Obama measured the same way. However...
9 mo

I did find a list of false statements for both Obama and Trump on Politifact. Obama's list (presumably over 8 years) runs 4 pages. Trump's list (presumably over 3 years) is 14 pages. So Obama got about half a page per year and Trump is running at just under 5 pages per year - about 10 times as much.

Obama: www.politifact.com/.../
Trump: www.politifact.com/.../
What do you think of the claim that Trump has made 16,241 false or misleading claims over the past three years?
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