Teach me some philosphy?

Share some philosophy with me.
I am by far no expert on this topic, but I am very interested. Post something, anything that inspires or moves you.

Cornel West, Philosopher, Academic, Thinker, Profit, Poet
This guy fascinates me.Ride on the dissonance. Ride the blue notes. Why start with this obsession with wholeness and if you can’t have it then you’re disappointed, and you have a drink, and melancholia, blah blah blah. My kind of blues begins with catastrophe, with the angel of history, and Benjamin’s thesis, you see. It begins with the power of wreckage, one pile on another. That’s the starting point. The blues is personal catastrophe lyrically expressed. How do you generate an elegance of earned self-togetherness, so you have a stick-to-it-ness in the face of the catastrophic, the calamitous, horrendous, scandalous, and monstrous.
I think the problem of meaning is very important. Nihilism is a serious challenge. Meaninglessness is a serious challenge. Even making sense of meaninglessness is itself a kind of discipline and achievement. The problem is, of course, you never reach it. It’s not a static, stationary telos or end or aim. It’s sisyphean, you’re going up the hill. Looking for better meanings, or better, grander, more enabling meanings. But you never reach it, and in that sense you die without being able to have the whole.

Ralph Waldo Emerson on American Philospher William James, 1841: Let me remind that I am only an experimenter. The ‘maybe’ remains constant, or as constant as a ‘maybe’ can. And this is for the best. It gives us something to watch, expect, experience. Persistent variation gives rise to persistent wonder and, for James, this sense of mystery, chance, was often enough to see him through when other practical measures failed him. No fact in human nature is more characteristic than its willingness to live on chance. Its existence makes the difference between a life of which the keynote is resignation and which the keynote is hope.
Teach me some philosphy?
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