What one action by another can make you fly into a rage?

For me, it's perverters of justice who flaunt their perversion and virtue signal it. Who muzzle free thought, even while pretending to stand for it.


One gal on this site that I won't name (her conscience will get the best of her eventually.) I politely warn someone that he should think over his answer to her question, because there are too many cords tracing back to too many walls, and the end result may not be what he thinks it is.

His response? Condescension and insults. So I ask him a simple question: "If you don't think it will lead to that, then why is there so much social conditioning going on right now, in that very direction?"

She decided to go after ME for being "inappropriate" and "rude," NOT the one who was actually being so! Then, edited her question to vow to block anyone who was like him! But blocked ME, and left him alone! And made sure to do so before I could defend myself!

Lecturing ME about the need to "understand and appreciate others' points of view"... all while virtue signaling her REFUSAL to grant mine so much as a single platform!

Anyone like THAT, makes my blood boil.

Is there anything like this you see happening, that similarly gets your goat?
What one action by another can make you fly into a rage?
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