Should Wisconsin have a primary election tomorrow?

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The governor of Wisconsin has issued an executive order delaying the April 7 primary election until June 9 (or some other day that he and the legislature can agree on). In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, he (supported by mayors of several of Wisconsin's larger cities) said that having people go to the polls at this time is putting them at risk.

Wisconsin Republicans have sued to prevent the delay and hold the election in the midst of the pandemic. Earlier they rejected an attempt by the governor to send absentee ballots to all registered voters so that they could vote without having to physically go to the polling place.

What do you think? Should a primary election still be held in the midst of a pandemic?
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Now I see that the Republican majority Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that the election must be held tomorrow. So people are going to have to decide whether to potentially put their life at risk in order to vote or to just not vote.
Should Wisconsin have a primary election tomorrow?
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