Finish this sentence: "I am not a/an xxxxxxxxxxxx?

Anything you want, any way you want to describe or define yourself.

Could be one word, or several.

The iconic line from the film, 'Elephant Man.'My answer:

I am not a woman. I am a man. (Just kidding. Don't think anyone would buy that lie anyway.)

I am not a believer in fate, or 'everything happens for a reason.' I consider myself a realist, and although I definitely sometimes lack optimism and positivity, I've managed to come to a place of acceptance of the futility of life. I consider myself neither a victim, nor in charge (I hate both terms.) I do what I can to shove things in the 'right' direction, as much as possible, because I also don't believe in total passivity. It achieves little. And if it does, then the gains need to be chalked up to luck. Which I also don't believe in. That's all just random to me. But effort... yes I believe that can equal reward.
Finish this sentence: "I am not a/an xxxxxxxxxxxx?
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