Do democrats/left disapprove of the economic design?

Our economy was designed by previous leaders to be one of "planned obsolescence". That is, most everything is designed to fail quickly and be replaced and then recycled or discarded. An example is coffee shops... we used to drinkout of a cub and wash it. Today, we drink out of a cup and discard it... single use. Everything in the store is wrapped in plastic and we take stuff home in plastic. Milk bottles used to be glass and we'd recycle them in exchange for 5c (when gum was 5c).

This policy of planned obsolescence was in place throughout Obama years, I believe was driven by collapsing currency, but I cannot say when it was really designed or it's drivers.

Go back to the 70's ad 80's and stuff was made to a better standard of durability.

Do you support a more "conservative" design of economy where we try to conserve resources, make things that last and repair them... instead of discard them.
Do democrats/left disapprove of the economic design?
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