What is real feminism?

I've been seeing a themes of misunderstanding about what feminism is.

A. There's a difference between feminism and female supremacy.

B. Real feminists don't hate men or bring men down.

C. Feminism isn’t just about fighting inequality but also helping women in trouble. We also celebrate women and their history while fighting against rape, sexual harassment, and objectification.

D. Yes, we still need feminism because feminists stand with all women, in all countries so it’s not like we’re just running in circles yelling about every little problem we face and cursing m

E. The fight is far from over because in most countries equality still isn't legal.

F. The fight isn't over because in many countries women aren't protected by the law from rape or assault and they don't have the same rights as men. These women need male witnesses for rape claims. There is sex slavery, child marriage of girls who are have to consummate the marriage with grown men and agree forced to get pregnant.

This is what feminism is. Not matriarchy. Not angry, man eating lesbians. Not playing victims. Not taking rights from men or taking over the country. Not women who hate women who prefer to be mothers or wives or homemakers. Because feminists support all women and the point of having equal rights is choosing what you want to be, including a homemaker.

Men need to stop shitting on feminism because we’re not the problem.
What is real feminism?
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