Why Are People Overreacting To COVID-19?

I really think people are overreacting. Yes, it's obviously a very serious thing but what I have seen is ridiculous. Just today, my mom washed all of my groceries (everything) when I came from the groceries (wtf is that sh*t? it's stupid), I have seen people carry 3-4 carts worth of stuff at the stores, shelves empty, people buying randoms stuff they don't need. People spending over $1000 on groceries, people climbing boxes in the store just to get toilet paper, and etc... There should be a better way to handle this situation without overreacting. People are affraid to even make eye contact in person let alone 6-ft. There has also been the argument about peoples right's and liberty's being taken away. Does anyone know when all of this will end? I wonder if there is a way we can intervene and prevent some of this without overreacting. Any thoughts or ideas?
Why Are People Overreacting To COVID-19?
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