Are there any countries that are popular that you dislike?

I mean only countries that enjoy a popular reputation. I'll start (Also I want to preface that I'm speaking from the perspective of a Chinese American):

-Since I'm Chinese I'll start by saying that I think Japan is overrated. They have a lot of outdated racist beliefs against other Asians. They are outwardly civilized but inwardly evil. Chinese people are a like that too but the Japanese are another level.

-Ireland. Irish people are not that great in my experience. They are just popular in America because a lot of Americans have Irish heritage.

-the U. K. I don't see how the U. K. is so great. The country is snobby and depressing. I see a lot more innovation in either the U. S. or Germany.

Countries that I think deserve a better reputation:

-China. Obviously cause I'm Chinese and I stand with my people.

-North Korea. Cause I see them as the closest country to China.

-Iran. Because they have long history of culture and civilization that I admire. Also they have often acted as a bridge between Western and Eastern civilizations.
-France. Cause it's romantic.

-Italy. Cause it's romantic.
So what countries do you think are overrated and what countries do you think are underrated?
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Any other answers?
Are there any countries that are popular that you dislike?
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