Should democrats and republicans just slit the United state at this point and form 2 different country?

It seems the Democrats and Republicans are just way to different to live in the same country and have the laws they want on the books. Democrats has chosen to fallow Marxist ideology. Which arguably is the cause of the coronavirus like literally we could probably call this the red virus because if it wasn’t for this Chinese communist party everyone would be back at work and healthy thanks to the Chinese and the world health organization we have a global pandemic.

The left says we can’t blame China we can’t even called the Chinese flu they say it’s trumps fault that coronavirus got released. And they are now using this crisis in order to place socialism ( ironically China has never been communist they have only been socialist socialism is the second step in communism the third step there is no government)

The Republicans realize that yes it’s because of the Chinese that we got this virus obviously it’s not the people it’s the government and we want China to quite frankly suffer economically for this. like honestly if it was up to me I’d pull every single business out of China’s. Honestly I didn’t courage people to invest in Taiwan just to piss off the Chinese (yes I do know most of the Chinese and Taiwanese are Han people). I’d also encourage investment in South America and Central America because let’s face it Americans aren’t going to stop wanting cheap crap so we want might as well kill two birds with one stone pay the central and south American is to make our cheap crap so that they have jobs so they don’t have to come over to United States and cross the border illegally and they could stay in their home countries with their families. That doesn’t mean they can’t immigrate to the United States it was just Disincentivize the illegal crossing at the border

either way the United States seems incredibly polarized to the point where we should just peacefully separate our nations
Should democrats and republicans just slit the United state at this point and form 2 different country?
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