How do I cope with the knowledge of what people really are?

I’d like to believe that God didn’t make me more intelligent and rational than the average person, and I know exactly how it sounds to insinuate that he did...

But the idiocy of my species stresses me out so much it makes me physically sick. Just to think of racism, sexism, phobia, the history of America and how people seem to truly enjoy being hateful and prefer not to better understand what they hate.. it makes me physically sick.

I think of slavery. I think of how children were born into bondage and were raised under the thumb of a cruel man who forced them to work. I think about how 100 years after that slavery ended grown white adults who claimed to be Christian threatened the lives of black children who wanted to go to school with their children.

I think of homophobia and transphobia, and how people who claim to have Christ can also hate these people to the point of wanting to murder them and keep them from experiencing the same happiness in love or in their gender that they do.

I think of how up until the last century women were treated as a man’s property and barely had more rights than children.

I think about how alcohol and tobacco are perfectly legal despite being well understood to be addictive and kill hundreds of thousands every year but people are sitting in jail over marijuana.

this world makes me sick.
How do I cope with the knowledge of what people really are?
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