Is it "selfish" to worry about your job/future, and to just get a portion of your normal life back?

And is it selfish to suffer from anxiety, depression, despair, loneliness and claustrophobia, and/or being trapped inside your home with abusive family members? Despite staying safe and healthy and abiding by the rules?

And is it selfish to lament losing and sacrificing EVERYTHING you once had?

And is it selfish to get tormented by having fear and doom-and-gloom stuffed down your throat by the pompous, impassive, sensationalist, left-wing media (namely CNN) on a daily basis?

And is it selfish to show any bit of optimism?

And is it also selfish to even look or sound like you're in the dumps?

And do the pro-lockdown nutjobs even know what it means to be selfish/a Covidiot?

A Covidiot is someone who blatantly disobeys the rules, forms large gatherings, do as they wish, and mainly for pleasure (parties, orgies, etc.). Hence, catching the virus and spreading it even more, and killing many others. THAT'S what being a Covidiot is!

At least the people protesting and desperate to reopen (in a slow and gradual way) have a point; they themselves have been following the restrictions and staying safe at home for weeks, and just want out of the perpetual torturous confinement and get their jobs (if not their social lives) back, or they'll never get them back. Many others can't stand living like wild animals in cages and suffering from preexisting disorders, and others even try to find a way to escape the wrath of some of their abusive or intimidating family members.

Neither selfish nor reckless in my book. If anything, just driven insane. Granted, what those protestors should have done though, was wear face masks and stayed 2 meters apart.

And before anyone gets all uppity and accuses me of being a "Trump-voting Covidiot," try just TRY reading and understanding what I wrote!!
Is it "selfish" to worry about your job/future, and to just get a portion of your normal life back?
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