Why is it that successful people are forced by society to hide their success?

Why is that successful people have to make such great efforts to hide their success... or watch how they talk about themselves in fear that others will deem them as bragging, arrogant, or full of themselves.

I see this time and time again, and I believe that it requires a lot of effort to sustain a facade to appease others in an attempt to avoid any confrontational discussions about you. I think it hinders your ability to form authentic and meaningful interpersonal relationships when you can’t even be your genuine self.

I think successful people are very bold in their views. I think they’re highly-confident, and I think they also have a tremendous amount of wisdom they want to share. If your portfolio is on its way to a million dollars, you should be celebrating with friends and family. I think if your marriage is amazing, then you have every right to post pictures and showcase how awesome your life is with friends and family. I think if you earned degrees in higher education, then you should absolutely mention how you got to that level to younger generations.

It’s mind-boggling to me how conditioned we are to hide great things going on in our lives because we’re afraid to be perceived as arrogant or full of ourselves to the outside world.

Why is that mediocrity is talked about everyday, but success isn’t? If we talk about ourselves in a negative way using humor, it’s accepted. The reverse is shamed. Why is that when someone breaks that barrier, we cast negative judgement on to them? Is it that we actually think that they’re arrogant... or is it simply a reflection of our own inadequacy?

Society operates in strange counter-intuitive ways. I think this entire dynamic is upside down. Thoughts?
Why is it that successful people are forced by society to hide their success?
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