Betsy DeVos new rules on campus sexual assault seem like a good thing, What do you think?

The Trump administration released new guidelines Wednesday for how universities and K-12 schools should handle complaints of sexual assault and misconduct as part of a contentious overhaul that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos launched in 2017.

Now, under reworked federal rules, alleged student perpetrators will have added protections, including the presumption that they are innocent throughout the disciplinary process and the right to be provided all evidence collected against them. Those students can also cross-examine their accusers and vice versa during live hearings, although it must be done through a lawyer or representative.

Under the Obama administration, the definition of sexual harassment was less specific — described as "unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature."

But the meaning has become narrower, using the Supreme Court's definition of harassment. The misconduct must fall under certain categories, including unwelcome conduct that is "so severe, pervasive and objectively offensive" that it "denies a person equal access to the school's education program or activity."

The way i see it, the current rules suck, all a woman... and yes its only women in college that have this power.. All a women need do is make the accusation. She needs no evidence, she needs no proof, no witnesses, nothing, and the accused is expelled from school. The most evil part of this, there were stories about a man who was passed out drunk, and he woke up to a girl having sex with him, he made a report, and was expelled, because the girls report had more merit even though he had witnesses and the like.. There are literally thousands of law suites against these schools because they failed to obey due process.. I see this as a welcome change.

As always attached is a direct link to the new rules going into effect August 12th.
This is a welcome change
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I have one vote for the second option yet no one commented.. This is what i call an act of cowardice.
Betsy DeVos new rules on campus sexual assault seem like a good thing, What do you think?
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