Justice for Ahmaud Arbery?

A 25 yr old black male jogging like he does everyday through a neighborhood.

2 White men see him jogging. The father calls to his son to get their guns.
they get in their pickup truck stop and shoot him to death.

the 2 men told police they thought he was the suspect who was breaking into houses in the neighborhood 🤨

A local newspaper (before his murder) describes the suspect as a light skin male with dreads. So he doesn't even look like the suspected burglar.

Police claim the 2 men who shot and killed him were in their rights by law because they were performing a citizen's arrest.

So now we are not even allowed to jog for exercise because it is justified for us to be shot and killed with no penalty to the person who shoots you.People don't understand why athletes take a knee when the justice system obviously doesn't protect us.
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so for all the users stating that he was allowed to make a citizens arrest on a man jogging. please learn the law.

the department of justice put on their website clear definition of when a citizen has the right to make a citizens arrest

the citizen making the arrest MUST either have seen the person commit a crime OR the person is actively running from people of authority (police)

In this case a man taking a jog was obviously doing neither.

So no these men had no legal right to make one
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery?
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