Is social media becoming more toxic?

I hope this makes sense. It seems that the last year or two, social media is getting more toxic. People judge others over every little small thing, worse than ever, in nearly every debate, people always have to insult each other, people dislike others over every little disagreement that isn’t even that deep, people make a big deal over small shit, people randomly post cruel things about others, people are severely opinionated, and so much more... Don’t get me wrong, things like this have always exist, there has always been toxic, judgmental, cruel, immature, and closed minded people, but it seems to be a lot worse now. It scares me. Has anyone else notice this?
Is social media becoming more toxic?
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Like I said, there has ALWAYS been people like this but it seems to be getting much worse than it was already. And when I said more toxic, I meant MORE. More toxic than it already was. Meaning it’s getting worse. Social media has always been toxic but it seems to be getting more toxic than it ever was before, is what I’m saying.
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I am so glad that some people in these comments knew what I meant and noticed the same stuff as I did. Thank you all for your feedback.
Is social media becoming more toxic?
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