What have you learned from Rap and Hip-hop lyrics?

I can't say much other than they need to ban that type of trash, I don't call it music because it's not music. Call it gangster music, Thug music, Low life's music.
Hell even girls listen to that crap, even understand the lyrics and wonder why they like being the victim. Just a monotone set on repeat and some guy talking about his bitches and Skanks with the girls waving their asses in the air like it's fair game.

Kids listen to that shit and the crap that come out of these singers mouths is garbage beyond belief. I don't have problem with music but if you are going to sing about how you treat your women and friends like the toilet paper you used last night.
Most screwed up thing is that... This new generation listens to this shit like it's the bibble to live by. Broken, families men and women can't form healthy relationships. You wonder why you have so many black women raising more than one kid with no father in sight.
What have you learned from Rap and Hip-hop lyrics?
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