Training for black people to respond to confrontation?

In light of the lastest black person gunned down by a non black person, and ensuing social disruption from the incident, I'll ask. Should all/most black people (or anyone for that matter) be trained in how to respond to confrontation to avoid these situations?
Got a right to disagree. got a problem, call the police. Ill call my lawyer. they can talk.
Got a right to disagree. got a problem, call the police. I'll call my lawyer. they can talk.
What the training consists of would be another matter. I've seen people "de-escalate" tense situations and was impressed... and that would be the key to handling these matters. Dealing with pissed off A$$holes (justified or not) is not easy for anyone, no matter the culture. We all have to deal with them at times. It is tougher emotionally when it is white confronting black because of the reality and perceptions of the past. The other aspect is knowing your rights, being confident in your sense of security and legal defense, rights, etc. etc..

This might seem extreme, but lots of kids go to martial arts class, lots of kids learn self defense. Black kids... given all the media focus on incidents, likely don't see a good option. They should know defense... verbal, physical, legal, and have confidence to do so.

I am not suggesting everyone be armed nor that the public pay for it. Words are more powerful than swords.

I was confronted when young more than once. I wish I had training.
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For those challenging the idea, consider:
For small children, we (many) train them not to accept candy from strangers... other than Halloween.
We train cops on how to handle and de escalalte.
mediators are trained.
My martial arts training gave me a lot of confidence to handle scenarios without escalating, as did religious training.
If a person is not trained, then the training is media... and out of their emotions... which is often violent or submission, possibly to the wrong person.
Training for black people to respond to confrontation?
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