Do you think we should reduce our global population?

A sustainable modelling of earth and its resources sits at 3 billion carrying capacity. We are way over capacity. Why didn't the global governments mandate population control in the 1950-60s?
Where global population remained between 2.5 and 3 billion.
Having an over population increases the number of people in poverty, and famine and various other forms of inequality. More to the point we run into a faster rate of depletion of finite resources. When this happens a huge amount of people will die out from inability to access essential resources. Where a simple human lifestyle which could of been sustained for 100s of years is over in just 50-150years or at least changed its difficulty due to the transition of recycling materials.
What are your opinions? Do you think the world should just be a rat race where the rich suceede and the poor suffer?
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Do you think we should reduce our global population?
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