Is trying to be a righteous and proper person a waist of time and energy?

I have lived life by a very strong and strict moral code. I wanted to be a good person over all. Someone who is decent and doesn't hurt people, doesn't cause trouble for others. Specifically, don't use people for own benefit, don't cheat or emotionally hurt others, stay proper, don't fuck around, don't be loose, basically staying a naive good girl for the sake of morals and principals.
And I have believed in this for a very long time.

BUT now my life is empty and sad. I lost my virginity only recently to a guy I dated "properly" who sweet talked me into oblivion, promises etc. and now ignores me basically. I wanted to do it the right way and not without thinking about it. But where has it gotten me? That's only one example. I feel like I am the only person giving a damn about proper behaviour.
Most young people today just fuck around as much and with whoever they want and they don't think it's bad, they are not ashamed. Show their bodys on the web, get paid for streaming and showing their bodys. Getting drunk at partys and making out with random people.

I was always against these things but my views never paid of. I never got any positive reactions and got screwed over for it in the end. Now I am thinking I have missed out on life because I was always thinking I should behave myself and stay decent. But for what? So that I have lived a boring life with no adventure or exitement but at least I can say I was a "better" human being than others? I don't think I am doing this for myself anymore.
Is trying to be a righteous and proper person a waist of time and energy?
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